Tips for planning a cake smash session

May 15, 2019

Check your little one actually likes cake, it might sound really daft but this one is crucial! If they are not a fan then consider swapping for something else which is their current favourite and discuss with your photographer what might work best.





Plan a simple outfit, taking into consideration you don't want to be washing buttercream from something elaborate and it will need to be comfy as the likelihood is your little one is quite mobile by now! Lots of faffing round with dungarees that are slightly too big or a pair of shorts that fall down can lose time and cause missing the cutest expressions so ensure it fits well.


Check your photographer supplies towels and if your session includes a bubble bath check that the bubbles they use are sensitive. I chose to use Sanex Zero or Child's farm for my sessions as I use it for my own children and trust it.


Ensure the person supplying the cake has a food safety certificate. It sound obvious but it's a really easy thing to forget to check and a sickness bug straight after their birthday isn't the best present they could wish for!


Don't be afraid to reschedule for teething. Your little one will probably be off their food and you won't get the best out of your session

Do consider getting in the shots with your little one's portrait before the cake smash! I do always say this on every session I do but any chance for a family portrait is really so precious and you don't have to choose that photograph in your selection but you might (as many of my clients do!) go on to really love it and want to frame it! Include older siblings too as they can get so much fun out of this play opportunity with their little brother or sister.


Don't feed them much before or plan for the session at meal time! It sounds ridiculous to feed your baby cake for lunch when ordinarily we are trying to do everything to keep them healthy, but really, will one day matter? You could always take their toothbrush with you! 








It has become an increasing concern of mine for to make my life and my business environmentally friendly. Because I offer vegan cakes if you would prefer and I have made my cake smash sessions very simple as the idea of massive amounts of waste just didn't sit right with me. It means that my sessions involve a smaller, baby sized cake and don't involve lots of paraphernalia around them for the session which I find draws your eye better to your beautiful child and suits my studio style. The beautiful studio is white minimalistic and thankfully easy to wipe clean! 


If you live around Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk or Leicestershire then my photography studio is easy to access off the A1 in Yaxley near Peterborough.


Cake smash sessions are £70 including the cake (prices May 2019 and subject to change), and photo packages start from £75 on top of your session fee. 

If you like the idea of cake smash session but you have the perfect location in mind then I am more than happy to travel out from my studio in Peterborough to surrounding towns and villages in Spalding, Bourne, Huntingdon, Stamford, Oundle etc for a travel fee by individual quote. We can organise a cake smash session outdoors if the weather if warm enough or in your home if you like and i will ensure you are left with no mess!

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