Births will be offered at the reduced rate of £150 for all edited images


Why hire a birth photographer? 


The arrival of your special bundle, whether it is your first, second or tenth(!) baby, will be one of the most momentous days in your life. Photographs are wonderful ways of looking back at treasured moments in your life, so why leave your birth out of the photo collection?


One of the most precious moments of a birth is the first time a mother and father meet face to face with their new arrival in complete and utter adoration of the life created. Exhausted, full of adrenaline and excitement these memories can fade with time until your birth seems like a distant dream. Having these moments discreetly captured means that you can preserve these priceless sentiments, cuddles and kisses forever so that they’ll never fade.

Because birth is full of anticipation, excitement and at times trepidation, photographs are often missed. The most important thing for your partner of birthing partner to do is to support and comfort you so why not hire me to capture those special moments in as little or as much detail as you wish. The photos can be discreet and private or as graphic as you want them to be and those crucial first few moments of your babies’ life will be yours to treasure forever. I promise you clean, crisp and beautiful photos that just can’t be taken on your i-phone. I meet or talk at length with any clients that I take photographs of, so a full discussion can be had of the kind of focus you want me to take during your birth process.



Questions answered:


Would it be strange having someone there with a camera?


As a midwife who has attended hundreds of births I pride myself on being very discreet and sensitive. The idea is that I will be very much in the background so that you don’t even notice that I am there.


What if I don’t want photos of my private areas?


You are totally in control of what I take photos of, the photos can be as graphic/private as you want. What I would like to capture most is the emotions of you new family. We can get together at around 34-35 weeks to discuss what you would expect of me and to talk me through your birth plan and hopes for your personal journey into motherhood.


Will you definitely be able to make it to the birth?


Unfortunately. No.

I will try my absolute best to make it and if I don’t I will there as soon afterwards to capture the first few hours with your baby at a reduced rate.


What if I have don’t have a completely natural birth?


It may not be possible for me to accompany you into theatre or to take photos if your birth involves complications. I would advise you to speak to the maternity unit at which you plan to have your baby to notify them that you plan to have a photographer present. If you plan to have your baby at home then notify your midwife.


Where are you based?


I could realistically attend a birth up to 30 miles from Peterborough, Cambrideshire (but this depends on how fast you labour).


-The beauty of birth is priceless-


If you have any other questions or concerns then don’t hesitate to call and chat or drop me an email.






Births will be offered at the reduced rate of £150 for a disk of all edited images


(Minimum of 40 images on the disc edited to a high standard and provided in a mix of colour and black and white versions unless specified otherwise. Deposit payable of £75 Should I not be able to make it to the birth a reduced rate of £75 will apply for me to attend asap within the first 48 hrs and take plenty of newly newborn shots)

Birth Photography

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